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Large Injection Molds Punch & Die Sets Medical Prosthetics
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EDM Materials Applications Chart
Material Grade Forging Dies/ Large Injection Molds Sintered/ Powered Metal Molds Petroleum Exploration/ Punch & Dies Large Blow Molds Plastic Injection Molds Fine Detail/ Threaded Electrodes Aerospace/ Medical Wire Cutting
   TTK-9 X X X
   TTK-4C  X1 X1 X X X X
   TTK-4 X1 X1 X X X X
   TTK-5 X1 X1 X X X X
   TTK-50 X X X X X X2
   ISO-63 X X X X X
   ISEM-8 X X X X X
   ISEM-2 X X            
X1 Recommended for finish detials.
X2 Recommended for larger thread applications.
EDM Applications
for EDM Applications including:
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