Toyo Tanso manufacturers highly advanced carbon composite and graphite materials for heat treating applications. The high strength and low mass of our carbon composite materials offers optimal thermal conservation opportunities and potentially greater furnace throughput. Toyo Tanso can provide carbon composite sheets and cylindrical heat shields. We also provide "C" and "L" channels for insulation support and screws and nuts for fastening.
Our curved graphite heating elements are machined to our customers specific resistance needs. Toyo also represents full line of graphite insulation products for all your thermal requirements no matter how challenging.
One of our more recent product offerings are trays made from C/C strips. These trays have had great success in Europe and should be a very attractive tool for process improvement in vacuum heat-treating applications here in North America. These trays offer high strength, long life and low thermal mass. They also are pseudo-plastic meaning they remain very flat and do not warp providing reliable indexing for automated operations. We can design general trays for specific loads or we can aid in designing highly engineered trays for specific part loading. If you have interest please fill out the product concept form on the tab and submit for review.
In instances when the trays are subjected to annealing temperatures above 1200 degrees °C we can offer our group company's patented designed ceramic inserts to protect against eutectic melting and carburization of the load.

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