Toyo Tanso USA is ISO-9001 certified and we continually update and refine our  quality procedures. Quality is of the utmost importance to us and our  customers. At both Toyo locations we have full inspection departments that employ state  of the art CMM equipment to ensure reliability. When we receive new items to  manufacture we employ a stringent first article inspection process to validate  our programming and processes are in compliance with your requirements.  The data generated from our inspection department is recorded and saved to  ensure, that with the raw material data from Japan, we have full tracebility for  your parts. This is an invaluable service that can be critical when doing any  failure analysis and serves to provide a high level of confidence to our  customers. We also utilize a vision machine that can offer even more data for  features that we might otherwise struggle to measure. When using Toyo Tanso  parts you can be assured you are using the most reliable, highest quality parts  the graphite industry can provide.
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