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Toyo has multiple saws used to make billets of graphite a more manageable working size for down stream machining. Most of our machining centers are computer controlled and automated to ensure exceptional accuracy while reaching the most challenging tolerancing requirements.

Toyo has turning capabilities on our lathes for products that range from small diameters up to 60" diameter working envelope.

Toyo has a wide variety of mills that can service many product types.  Toyo can meet stringent tolerances and surface finish requirements with this equipment.

Toyo Tanso USA employs innovative tooling and fixturing solutions that make the most complex jobs very managable.  Toyo also has grinders and sanders that can be used to make simple flat plates. Toyo has considerable experience machining graphite at our facility from over 25 years of experience. Let us help you on your next graphite-machining project.
Toyo Tanso USA has an expansive machine shop with over 30 machining centers
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