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MOCVD / Epitaxial
Toyo Tanso has been producing silicon carbide coated carriers for epitaxial deposition for over 25 years. Our goal is to continuously improve the standards for our platters. The demands from our customer base have become more stringent for highly engineered carriers with reliable and consistent process performance. Toyo Tanso USA has utilized Kaizen and mandated process improvement to meet these demands. These process improvements have been made through capital improvement projects and comprehensive statistical analysis.
Graphite Coating, SiC
The emerging demand for LED's used for various electronic applications and white light initiatives have driven the demand for high performance MOCVD carriers. Toyo Tanso has worked closely with various customers and OEM's to make very highly engineered platters to service the most demanding applications. Toyo Tanso supplies a range of products from the historical flat smaller pocket diameters to larger diameter pockets with complex geometries. Toyo also has a team of engineers that can support you with any new deisgn of carriers that might better perform under your process requirements.
Toyo Tanso also has makes epitaxial susceptors for various reactors for semiconducter applications as well. Toyo is a qualified supplier for ASM and make both susceptors and ring sets. 
All the silicon carbide platters manufactured by Toyo Tanso USA have exceptional quality and are very reliable so you can be sure that your process is working at maximum performance with the best cost of ownership.
Graphite for MOCVD
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