Graphite SiC Coating, Silicon Carbide
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We can deposit our CVD silicon carbide on graphite substrates from small thin plates to  large diameter shields for the CZ industry.  

Toyo has made platters with flat, convex, concave and other various topologies in the  pocket floor. We have made platters with small 2" to larger 8" pocket diameters. We  have used this experience to generate statistical analysis to help us predict with great  accurracy our deposition rates. This results in a high quality platter that offers great  productivity in your application. The expereince we have garnered over the last couple  decades have been invaluable in servicing our customers. These customers include  many OEM's of epitaxial equipment. Please feel free to give us a call when developing  your next platter.
Toyo Tanso USA provides silicon carbide coating on Toyo Tanso graphite substrates. The resulting product provides excellent coating uniformity and durability. We take great  pride in providing a consistent and reliable coating. Having the ability to select  substrates from our internal inventory of engineered graphites for CVD coating allows  full tracebility of our platters.
Toyo Tanso services these main industries as well as others with silicon carbide coated  product:
Silicon Carbide Coating
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