Toyo Tanso USA has been supporting the silicon wafer industry for over 25 years here in the United States. We began as a front-runner in this market segment servicing the dynamic and ever evolving Semiconductor industry. Toyo continued it's forward thinking by utilizing this expertise to service the emerging solar market. Toyo has experience in manufacturing a myriad of hot zone parts. We make parts for equipment ranging from single crystalline technologies, like CZ, to multi crystalline technologies, like DSS, as well as the thin film market with graphite components.

Toyo has capabilities to manufacture the largest hot zone components in development using our highly engineered materials with full traceability.  This provides our customers with the utmost confidence in the reliability of our products. Toyo provides design and SolidWorks drawing support for all our customer's design needs. We also provide some of the purest graphite in the industry to maximize your process as well as to increase product performance. To go along with our capability to manufacturer large geometry components, we also have the ability to SiC coat these larger components, to maximize lifetime and cost of ownership.
Graphite for Silicon Growth
Toyo Tanso USA also has been a key supplier to the poly silicon manufacturing market. Toyo Tanso uses automated machinery to manufacture high volume lots of seed chucks with high accurracy and low costs. We also can make any various downstream graphite components used in your unique manufacturing process.
Poly Silicon
Silicon Growth
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