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Toyo Tanso USA
Toyo Tanso USA opened its doors in 1988 in the Pacific Northwest to service the emerging demand for graphite in North America. Our plant is located in Troutdale, OR approximately 10 miles from the Portland International Airport (PDX). Toyo Tanso USA exclusively sells iso-molded graphite, which is manufactured at our plants in Japan. Toyo Tanso USA is a fully integrated supplier of graphite material, with full traceability from the raw material stage through finished goods. We support industries such as semiconductor, solar, continuous casting, EDM, aerospace, automotive and many more. Toyo has developed a reputation for providing world-renowned materials, which are known for consistency and quality.
At Toyo Tanso USA, we have extensive graphite machining capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art machine centers with CMM capabilities, allowing us to service the entire spectrum of graphite parts you require. Toyo Tanso can manufacture parts insizes from the very small to extremely large parts. We can make the most rudimentary high volume parts to the highest precision R&D parts. Toyo Tanso has halogen purification vessels to provide graphite at ash levels less than 5ppm. Toyo also has a newly updated silicon carbide coating department with multiple coating vessels. These coatings provide protection in oxidizing environments
Toyo Tanso USA
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